Books already available

I have three titles available online as eBooks, print books and audiobooks. Here are brief descriptions and links to their pages:

Britain’s Glory: Charlotte, the People’s Princess

Britains Glory-Cover

While reading a book about Queen Victoria, I discovered her relatively-unknown cousin, Princess Charlotte Augusta, granddaughter of King George III. Her life ended in tragedy long before she had an opportunity to sit on the throne of Great Britain. I believe that had she survived, the world would be a much better place today. She was friends with Jane Austen and believed that women were the equals of men.


The Last Great Hope

The Last Great Hope-Cover-ebook

What if Jackie Kennedy was pregnant when JFK got assassinated? What would that person be like today? Retired Secret Service agent Stone, who was in Dallas that day, is asked to find the child he unknowingly adopted out under an assumed name nearly 40 years ago. His search also includes dealing with his own coming out and finding love, a little too late.


The Seed of Immortality

The Seed of Immortality-Cover

Take thousands of years of Chinese culture, add the three great philosophies (Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism), toss in a blue dragon with an agenda, arrange it all with Mahjong tiles, and you have “The Seed of Immortality.” A peasant on his deathbed is given immortality by a less-than-trustworthy Mahjong sharp. Together, they travel around China, learning its secrets, discovering new methods of extracting coins from people, and even meet with the first Emperor of China in his mysterious subterranean palace, complete with rivers of mercury.



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