A Favorable Review from a Famous Author

When I attended San Francisco State University (sometime during the last century), I worked part-time for the San Francisco Library. One of my co-workers happened to be the partner of local author Daniel Curzon. Recently we connected through FaceBook, and I had dinner with them a while back. Knowing Dan also had an affinity for England, I brought him a copy of my book “Britain’s Glory: Charlotte, the People’s Princess.”

On his own, with no prompting from me, he wrote a very favorable review of the book, which I am reprinting here.

Britains Glory-CoverMost people, I suppose, think being royal must be a piece of cake. History is replete with people trying to get into the aristocracy any way they can. But this novelistic telling of the relatively unknown Princess Charlotte of nineteenth-century England shows quite a different picture, Sure, the crowds can’t have enough of her, but what if her gross father (ahead of her in the royal line to the throne) treats you like crap and most of your time is spent fending off unwanted suitors and unpleasant relatives and not being able to trust the intentions of anyone around you? You were born royal for this?!

The book alternates between a baby’s difficult birth and other scenes of the period’s political elite. Author Goodman keeps the pace moving right along with lively dialogue and dramatic situations.

It’s just long enough and is for those looking for an historical fact-based narrative that tells you something you may not have heard of before. I myself have fallen out of love with England after fifty years but can still find myself occasionally tempted by its storied past.


– Daniel Curzon

Thank you, Dan!




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