“Vanya” final copy off to the printer


It took some effort (and sweat and swearing) to get the typesetting done. Sometimes Word just doesn’t want to make it easy. This time, it split a paragraph for no apparent reason when exporting to PDF, which threw off the pagination. Oh well, it’s all a learning experience. Right?

Now I just have to wait for the printer to generate a proof copy, approve it, and order. With luck, I’ll have print copies ready for the scheduled launch date on November 13.

Most authors take years to get to this point, but I have been able to go from concept to print in just six months. Even though 3/4 of the book had already been written. Well, it was originally in Russian, and there were some difficulties with translation here and there.

This was my first attempt at adapting another person’s work. In some ways it was easier: having a pre-written plot already populated with characters; but in other ways more difficult: I wanted to remain true to the original author’s intent and style. Mikhail Kuzmin was a well-respected poet in his time; however, he was not the best at prose. His work got praise for its ground-breaking subject matter (same-sex relationships), but many were unhappy with the weak plot that jumped about and the overabundance of characters. In retelling the story, I have attempted to address these issues and deliver a story that would be palatable to modern readers.



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